Poinsettia Planter

It's not often I get a project completed on time, but this Poinsettia Planter from Dreaming Tree's Christmas Time SVG Bundle was easy to put together. And just in time to sit on my parent's table for the holidays too!

This planter is definitely a pattern you can use for any time of the year.  Keep an eye out for my future planters as I'm thinking I must do with spring and fall flowers.

Get your bundle today from Dreaming Tree's website (Please note that purchasing through this link will support Crafting Made Simple at no extra cost to you. Thank you).

One of the reasons I like working with SVG files is that I can change elements based on my preferences of what I think will work better.  Below you'll see what I changed and, in most cases, the reason for that change.

First thing I always do is look at the project pieces and the overview instructions of how it goes together. Right away I decided I didn't want a "santa" theme and ended up cutting an extra pattern piece for both the top and bottom (red_pattern file). Later on I realized I wanted a 5th flower, so I cut out an extra set of the poinsettia and leaf shapes. One of the problems I encountered is I used a pattern paper and didn't realign the svg file so the cut pieces would match.  I ended up just cutting out a second pattern piece for top of planter. Both pattern pieces were from the Heartfelt Creations' Candlelit Christmas Collection.

The second thing I look for is whether or not the files have inside liners.  While the projects from Dreaming Tree are sturdy, I always use inside liners for two reasons:  (1) to hide tabs in case you can see inside and (2) I like my projects very sturdy. I was able to use the red_pattern file to cut out 6 liners for both top and bottom. As the planter sides were attached, I added liners as shown in pictures.  In hindsight - I should have added liners after attaching top to bottom, then sliding in the liners. However, you really don't see so it wasn't a big issue.

The next changes I made were how I prepared my Poinsettia petals and leaves.  I used Archival Vermillion ink to darken the centers of the Poinsettia petals and edges; then took Archival Red Carnation to blend in the darker ink color. I used Archival Library Green to darker the tips of the pine needle shapes. Leaves were inked with Archival Library Green for darker color and blended with Archival Emerald Green. I then dampened each element and scored lines as shown with a medium sized stylus.  After looking at images of Poinsettias, I felt that using a stylus and darkening the centers would create a more realistic look.  Also, please note that you will get better results using lighter weight cardstock.


I experimented with the stamen for the Poinsettia's and came up with a great work-around.  I took red stamen and colored the tips with a metallic gold sharpie. Then I dipped each stamen in Art Glitter Clear Adhesive and covered with Heart of Gold Prills.  Once they were dry, each stamen were covered with 3D Crystal Lacquer. As the stamen were drying on a piece of paper, they did stick a little.  All I did was use scissors to cut away extra pieces and then colored in with the metallic gold sharpie.

The only other thing I changed was what I used to tape all the elements too.  For the Poinsettia petals and leaves I used 18 gauge wire and folded in half.  I then wired small wooden picks to top and wrapped floral tape on the whole wire. By doing this, I was able to manipulate the Poinsettias more when arranging than if I had used a dowel and still have the sturdiness I wanted.   For the pine needles and white balls, I cut the 18 gauge wire in half and then attached as I did with poinsettia petals and leaves.

After getting all my elements inked, shaped, and taped, I was finally ready to put my arrangement together.  I followed the instructions on the tutorial at that point, except I did use the whole bag of moss by filling in the sides.

Last, I found some gold elements I had in my stash and added around the top and bottom of planter.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and can't wait to see your version.  In the meantime, Happy Crafting!

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