Glitter Glitz Paste & Pixie Spray

During Fall Crop we got to try Pixie Spray and Gina K's Glitter Glitz Paste. Both items were super easy to use and did exactly as advertised.
To create our images, we did a light coat of Pixie Spray on the back of a stencil and let it sit for just seconds; then adhered stencil to cardstock. Taking a plastic knife (I would recommend a Deco Foil Stencil Pal as the knife left ridges), we scooped some gel and glided it across the stencil. Now, I tried to be neat and do a little at a time, but you don't need to. Pile the paste on the stencil and wipe down with knife; scrapping off excess back into jar.
The paste smoothed very easily along the stencil and didn't travel "under" it due to the Pixie Spray. We lifted the stencil off cardstock and let paste dry - which dried very quickly.
Below are images of our final product. I can't wait to use on cards. I've also added an Amazon link for the paste as Gina K is out of stock on some of the colors. Shopping through links below do support Crafting Made Simple at no extra charge to you - Thank you.

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