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Welcome to Crafting Made Simple!

Crafting Is My World!  Well, maybe not my whole world as I do have family, but a very large piece of it. With many years of experience in mediums such as paper, inks, chalk, and vinyl, I'm constantly seeking new techniques to add to my portfolio. One day I might be working on cards trying out a new style or showing off recently purchased designer paper; and the next - Well, it could be chalking up a sign, designing a shirt or completing 3D projects.

There are so many exciting products/designers existing in the craft world, you never know what I will unearth.  So make sure to visit here (or Facebook) often to see, not only what I am working on, but to learn about new methods/products that I've found. No matter what I'll be working on, the theme will always be the same - Crafting Made Simple!

Happy Crafting!

Barb Simms


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